Bougie Life Hacks for Broke People: Grocery Shopping


You don’t know struggle until you’re forced to shop for groceries at the dollar tree.

You don’t know struggle until you have to bus  it on public transportation with all your groceries.

I know these struggles all too well. I like to cook and am happy that I’ve grown in the kitchen. Lately I’ve taken a big pause because my sister the sexy chef-girl-ardyee has come and her skills are supreme they scream I’ll murder you and marry you at the same time in the Kitchen.

What I’ve learned from living on my own is that it saves more to learn how to cook and to make hearty, and flavorful ass dishes. It doesn’t matter if you start off burning 5 chickens or 10. What matters is that you learn to cook the chicken evenly and eventually you get the hang of the basics.

So just like the patience that comes with cooking, it takes patience to shop smart and on a budget with groceries. I previously discussed how growing up food insecurity was a real thing. A traumatic ass experience to say the least. Now when I go grocery shopping, it’s important for me to grab foods that last long, are budget-friendly, and really plans our my food journey through the month. My biggest goal in grocery shopping is saving money and eating well. Here’s how I do it.

    1. Don’t stick to one store. 

      Just because you may love Wallyworld *Walmart it does not mean they have the best prices for your budget.

     2. Take advantage of your local discount supermarket.

     These stores tend to have less variety but I would say a better selection of certain foods that may be scarce in Wallyworld like PLANTAINS. *Inserts a big asssssssssss side eye here*.

   3. Plan as much as possible through Apps.

 Don’t want to go over budget? Create a list of everything that is a current need or list the items you have to have now! Be sure to create a list for items that are not a necessity as well. If you have an app that can assist you, use it. This can be extremely helpful in prioritizing your grocery store run.

 4. Download Instacart. 

No this is not an ad. Instacart is a mobile delivery service that delivers groceries to your doorstep. In the Winter in Albany, I depended on this service to help me through my rough patch.  That is simply because I was not mobile and going to the grocery store was more of a challenge than an actual reward. I love the efficiency of Instacart. However,  I wish they would offer EBT services for those who can use the efficiency of the app and also use their benefits through the app. This is just the policy head in me talking though.

5. Keep your receipts. 

If you want to be transparent and honest with your budget keeping your receipts helps you to prepare and see the trends in your spending. It may also help to keep an electronic record of your spending since the ink on recipes can fade.


Is it just me or does the local public market produce last longer?

7. Get inspired by people who recipes you want to try. 

Monique from Divas Can Cook is an inspiration to me. Her recipes are also DAMMMMMMN good. Not to mention when you become inspired by people who recipes you want to try you expand your cooking knowledge.

8. Set a higher budget but don’t do over it.

Nothing turns me on more than when I’m under the budget a set for myself. Cha-ching sis….Cha-Ching.