Remember You Are Broke Not Broken

If you are broke you must remember that you’re BROKE not BROKEn. Being broke does not mean that you are not worthy, it is damn sure is not a permanent state of being. So, being broke should not break you. It’s easier said than done especially when:

- It’s hard as hell for you to save

- You are struggling to pay bills

- You’re asking for help or struggling to ask for help (let’s talk about being prideful and being broke)

- You made a promise to yourself you wouldn’t be broke - Unexpected life obstacles hit you

- You’re too bougieashell to be brokeasfuck


- You’re sick and tired of being mofoking sick and tired

Cues in Sick of Being Lonely beat: ( I’m sooooooo sick of being of broke bae every night while my wallet looks at me/ I want to know what it feels to be Wealthyyyyy/ Any other night you be calling me, stalling me/ Any other night while a girl is hungry. What’s going on?) (But tonight is something is different/I look at myself...and said damn biiish/ you’d ain’t even did shieeeeet/ You ain’t spend sh*t)
The thing about being broke is that we broke folks often struggle to realize that our worth is not matched by what we have in the bank account. I must say make this very clear because in brokeland we often struggle with the idea of us being more popping is associated with us having more money. This is assumed because in our society we automatically associate success with financial stability. There’s nothing wrong with that! I truly believe everyone should strive to reach towards building a healthy financial cushion. And anyone who was ever broke person would say the same. But then again, folks in brokeland say a lot of shit like “I can’t hang with broke people”. It’s like as if they have a first class trip out of Brokeland or something. It’s like they have $20,000 blossoming and growing in an investment account. It’s like they are not a wrong turn and a paycheck away from being broke as a mofo joke.

It’s always the same broke people in brokeland trying to be anything but broke or dishonest with being broke as if once again it makes them BROKEn. I’ll admit being broke can dampen your mood drastically. It can make you hope a door opens in between the lions of struggle. It can feel like your ass would never see the END of the broke spell that appears to be hovering over your broke storm. Whatever it is you’re worth it and you still have enough in you to press on through your struggle even if you stumble through it. Don’t let the real broken people tell you-you're not worthy. These pieces shall come together soon.