Sammie Teaches You Can Free Yourself From The Financial Burdens of Family And Friends


It’s the beginning of the month and while many of you kicked the month off with the vision of

Starting August 1, 2018:

I ain’t got it

I can’t go

I got food in the house.

Sammie one of my favorite singers said Starting August 1, 2018:

I can’t break the chain of financial bondage by being drained and financially crippling people.


The beloved singer posted this heartfelt note to his family and friends yesterday:

One of my greatest aspirations in life is to break the chain of financial bondage or the generational curse that’s upon my loved ones. It’s time to create opportunities for those closest to me, to put them in position to truly flourish financially on their own. I’ve never been rich in currency but in FAVOR I have overflow. I no longer want to dread answering the phone when a relative or friend calls in fear of them only asking me for things, it’s draining. I’m one man, who’s overcome a lot by the grace of God solely. Money’s not everything world, yet everything takes money. Value it, don’t worship it. I never wanted to publicly post this, but daily I stare at texts, listen to voicemails, unanswered phone calls with request for $. To those who understand “you can’t pour from an empty glass.” Take care of you and then put others in position. And I lied, @troytaylorttu thank you 🙏🏾 for lifting me up and the past when you were called upon. I’ll never forget. A true Pops/ Father for real. Peace, love and light world. 💙😊. #YoungLion #SA
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Since it's been posted, so many people have expressed their hardships and battles with financially overextending themselves to loved ones.

People from all walks of life and socioeconomic status have engaged in an important conversation regarding #breakingfreefromfinancialburdens.

Surfing through the comments on this post there lied some valuable lessons from those who also have burned out:

1. Being selfish and saying no takes more strength than saying yes.
2. No is a complete sentence.
3. No is the key is to breaking generational cycles and practicing self care. You can’t do either if you’re drained and folks are still in the same position, depending on you to save them.
4. Saying no doesn’t make you WRONG, it just means you have to focus on yourself first.
5. Your cup cannot runnenth over if it’s never full.
6. Your blood can dry and no one will offer you a band-aid when you get cut.
7. Helping shouldn’t hurt.
9. When you say no, you’re really saying yes to yourself.

When Sammie said "when I was without, I only had one source that would save the day, GOD! I felt that.


What I appreciated the most was his bravery and transparency to speak his truth. There are many celebrities and non-celebrities alike who share this story.

More importantly, he used his platform to shed light on a conversation in the Black community we barely touch upon but must continue. 

It’s not that Sammie said we have to do away in helping family all together but, that we must help ourselves first and create opportunities to set our family up to stand on their own two feet.

The major lesson in this all is you can't give what you don't have! I'm sure his truth will help to inspire others looking to break free. What are your thoughts?