The Mission

Broke Black Bougie developed after examining my life as a young progressive 20-year old Black woman in society struggling as a broke college student, trying to find my place is this world.
As a society and cultural website, Broke Black Bougie is dedicated to women who've lived through the experiences of brokeness, blackness, and the bougie lifestyle.

It's relatable because we've all been there, women having to make it on less than our worth. We do it while setting trends, spreading Blackassness and ultimately busting our tales to live our best life.

This is simply inspired by the UNAPOLOGETIC thoughts of one Broke Black Bougie woman encouraging others to set free. We are Broke Black Bougie!

-Charlisa F. Goodlet, Founder and Editor-In-Chief 

Our Core Identity
Enjoy Thought Provoking Essays On 

Black Conscious: Stories focused on fighting the powers that be. 

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Finance: Some people got to have, some people really need but, we don't want to do bad things with it. We just want our pockets stacked and find a way to generational wealth. More importantly, we want to have financial literacy in order to obtain our personal finance goals.

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 Entertainment: Representation matters, and so does the music and shows that inspire us and our image. 

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Life and Wellness: No one wants to live a life full of struggle and despair. We want to understand our struggles and use them to tell our truth and live our life like it's golden! 

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Love and Relationships: Love and happiness, something that'll make ya do wrong, make ya do right. We write our stories about what we've been through and where we want go.

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