The Mission

Growing up conversations in my household surrounding finance and financial literacy were limited to my father’s signature sayings:  “save your money”, “you can’t do things without money” and “we just ain’t got it”. Watching my parents deal with financial hardships in the home was detrimental to not only them but our entire household dynamics.  I noticed early on how children, our perception and experiences especially in poverty has shaped the way we examined the role of money in our lives.

I also felt as a child in many ways as my sister and I we overly sacrificed to contribute to the home in ways we couldn’t afford. Now, I understand that is the joy and pain of the struggle sometimes.

As a young adult between the ages of 18-21,  I found myself in big do-do-don’ts when it came to my finances. From mismanaging my credit to giving what I did not have (and the beat goes on but my funds are not everlasting). In all my challenges, I did not take the proper initiative to get transparent and real with my finances and emotions.

So, I sought to educate myself. I wanted to acknowledge some of the traumatic experiences I’ve faced as a child and how that has shaped my current relationship with money. I desired to figure out how I can become better with my personal finances. Lastly, I was interested in discussing peniaphobia, living in brokeland, mental health, and it's connection finance.

Like, what does it mean to live your best life, clean up your finances and not go back and forth with creditors?

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 How do you live your best life while broke? What tools can we equip ourselves to have a healthy financial future?

I seek to answer these questions here. I decided to create a space that documents, reflects and highlights my wins and losses as a Blackass, semi-Brokeass (cause we moving on up to the Eastside), Bougie (because I like nice things) woman. If you can relate to any of these things, this site is for you. I hope this space welcomes you to share more of our experiences through brokeland. More importantly, I hope it creates a place of comfort, to talk about our struggles and our come ups.

As a society and cultural website, Broke Black Bougie is dedicated to women who've lived through the experiences of brokeness, blackness, and the bougie lifestyle.

It's relatable because we've all been there, women having to make it on less than our worth. We do it while setting trends, spreading Blackassness and ultimately busting our tales to live our best life.

This is simply inspired by the UNAPOLOGETIC thoughts of one Broke Black Bougie woman encouraging others to set free. We are Broke Black Bougie!

-Charlisa F. Goodlet, Founder and Editor-In-Chief

Our Core Identity
Enjoy Thought Provoking Essays On 

Black Conscious: Stories focused on fighting the powers that be. 

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Finance: Some people got to have, some people really need but, we don't want to do bad things with it. We just want our pockets stacked and find a way to generational wealth. More importantly, we want to have financial literacy in order to obtain our personal finance goals.

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Life and Wellness: No one wants to live a life full of struggle and despair. We want to understand our struggles and use them to tell our truth and live our life like it's golden! 

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Love and Relationships: Love and happiness, something that'll make ya do wrong, make ya do right. We write our stories about what we've been through and where we want go.

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