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Charlisa Goodlet is an inner city Rochester, NY native. A student of life and lover of Hip-Hop Heritage she enjoys learning about the complexities of Blackness and the progression of communities of color in America and beyond. An Alumna of the University of Rochester her ultimate goal in life is to mesh her love of Hip-Hop, Black culture, and Politics together. Whether this means becoming a Political Scientist, Professor of Africana Studies, and Attorney she views herself in a career that gives her the freedom to express herself as a Black woman, raise awareness, and uplift her community.

Her words have been featured in BLAVITY:

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In her spare time, she enjoys watching re-runs of A Different World, Martin, and Living Single. When she's not trapped in old skool television you can catch her trapped in the old skool tunes of Pete Rock and C.L Smooth, Bobby Womack, and her all time favorite 2Pac Shakur.