20 Something Rants: I'm Not Afraid to Remove Negative Energy

I have decided there is nothing that can keep me tied down to negative energy.

I mean no friend, foe, family, job, organization, event, or supernatural being.

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Media: GIPHY

I'd rather be isolated and reflecting on my self-growth than to be forced into spaces around people I decided no longer suit me.

I will not be bothered by people who claim “we don’t talk anymore” when a phone works both ways.

I will not be bothered by people who assume they “know” you when their last conversation with you was six months ago. A lot can change in that time frame.

Assumptions are killer.

I will not be bothered by people who try to force commitments, toxic relationships, and bad vibes down my throat because they too need "self-construction."  I will not allow their ideas of what it means to exist in my negative free world force me to open an unwanted door.

Return. To. Sender.

I don't have to be a part of anything that no longer fills my spirit. For some people, that may be hard for them to understand because some are fueled by holding on to a ball of confusion #MESSAGE.

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Some individuals seek negativity because it is the only way they have remained current in their lives. Positivity is foreign to them.

As the great Joey Badass once said:

"Truth is, if it ain't real, I don't feel it. If it doesn't hit my spirit, I don't get near it · And that's point blank period".

Shoot, to the window, to the walls as long as the f*ckery passes me I’m good.

I’m not afraid of doing what makes me feel better and soothes my soul. At the end of my journey on earth, I have to be content with the way my soul will exit and that my friend is not contingent on the energy of anyone else other than the soul that exists in this body.