Dear $: How To Start A Money Journal

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I started a money journal to take a closer look at my finances and assess my behavior in my spending habits. Over time I realized using the journal has helped me become more conscious about my money management. It has helped me identify my darkest fears with finances. For instance, what are the true factors that have controlled my spending? Where do I spend my money? Were these items intentionally helpful in me working towards my money goals?!

Below, I have included writing prompts to help you excel in your journey and start a money journal.

$ If you could write a lower to money what would it say? Now your time to start the conversation. Today’s prompt will be a letter to money. Start here Dear $

$ Want an extra way to keep your expenses, debt, and income in order? Use your journal to document your everything you this. Nothing beats pen to paper when staying on top of your money goals.

$ Do you know your credit score? If you not, check out and write this number in your journal. Is it a score that makes you happy, sad or mad? Reflect on these feelings.

$ Where do you see your relationship with finances in the next 3-5 years? Is it a better credit score? Do you want stacks saved in the bank? Does a car exist in your life in the next few years? Write these goals down; you can reflect on the things you’d like to accomplish. Having these goals down can serve as a constant reminder to stay focused.

$ Document your money goals for the week. Do you want to save $20.00 or refrain from spending altogether? Note and date it! Check back at the end of the week to see if you were able to reach your goals.

$ I am not my traumas. Today think of a traumatic moment with money and reflect on the role it’s played in your life. Is it taking up too much space in your life? What did this experience teach you? Now, answer who would you be without these traumas?

$ Money can’t buy happiness but it can bring _______________ fill in the blank.

$ Let's set your money goals. What are your money expenses for the upcoming week?

$How does money impact your mood in the workplace? How is money discussed in the workplace?

$ What would your world look like if money was endless?

$ What is the biggest purchase you’ve made? Do you regret this purchase?

$ When have you felt the most secure with money?

$ How much money is enough money? What does that mean to you?

$ If you received a windfall of $50,000 how would you spend the money?