7 Money-Saving Tips To Try This Year

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No this is not a get rich quick scheme for saving money. If you entered the New Year with a bag half-way empty, this post might be useful to you. The New Year can be particularly brutal for those who are trying to figure out how to keep their coins in check. These 7 money saving tips below are sure to be useful for you this year.

1. Try A ‘No Spend Money Challenge’

Ever heard of a no spend month, week, or season? No spend challenges are the perfect detox for individuals looking to save. The great thing about this challenge is you can determine the length of the detox as well as your intended financial goals. To prepare for a Challenge like this, you may want to ensure you have funds for your upcoming expenses before you begin the challenge. Although No Spend Challenges can be scary, they teach you restraint, commitment and give you power over your finances.

2. Say No

Do you feel pressured to attend every function you are invited to? Is your inability to say no impacting your finances? It’s about time you learn to tell No. to the No. No. No. No. The best thing about saying no is that it's a complete sentence. Not only is it empowering to say no but, your wallet will appreciate it too.

3. Learn A New Recipe 

Cooking can be hard. However, it’s cheaper to make a meal at home than to throw your money away at a restaurant. Can you imagine paying $12.00 for a B.L.T sandwich you can make at home? Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomatoes are cheap, and if you shop right, you can get these items for less than B.L.T sandwich price at a restaurant.

4. Sell A Few Items You No Longer Want 

Have a pair of shoes you only wore once, or those fly jeans you can no longer fit-why not sell them? If you don’t end up donating to these items, try selling them on places like eBay, and Poshmark.

5. Track Your Subscriptions 

If you’re like any human, I’m sure you have charges to subscriptions you may have forgotten. Maybe it's time you hit the cancel button. Is it me or do these subscriptions hit when your bank account funds are meager?

6. Have a Potluck  

Are you looking to save funds on food? Try having a potluck with your friends! Potlucks are a great way to learn a new recipe and collect a coin through collectively contributing to a meal. Did I mention leftovers?

7. Use Cashback Apps

Who loves to spend money and get money back? Yeah, me too. Cash Back Apps like Ibotta and Spent are efficient for individuals who want to spend money and reap the rewards later. Although you may not get back all your funds back, these apps help to give cash back on everyday purchases from groceries to entertainment purchases.

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