Why You Need An Accountability Partner

My mother would always tell me "I’m not too grown to get my behind whooped". What I received from those words is: I can still be put in my place, and I believed every single word.

The biggest lesson that I’d learned in that sick message (lol, I may get whooped for saying this) is that I’m never too old to be accountable. She was my first accountability partner.

Now that I’m #adulting I realized the importance of being held accountable for my goals and list of to-dos.

Life hits you hard and fast, and sometimes, you can lose sight of your focus. This is where accountability partners come in.

Accountability partners help you reach your goals by holding you accountable for the things you desire. They are coaches and, show up to remind you what you need to do, “that is if you wanna keep your thing together.”

Me: Girl, let's go out to eat
My Accountability Partner: "How are you spending and saving?"


I decided to have an accountability partner when I wasn't being responsible in setting boundaries. I had a friend who was facing a similar struggle.

We decided that we could support and encourage each other by helping each other refrain from unnecessary money stress (oh, what a stress, what a stress) and question the purpose of everything we desire and it's within our lives.

We understand that:

1. Holding each other accountable helps us reach our goals.
2. We set boundaries for ourselves.
3. Sometimes we have setbacks, and we support each other through it by reflecting on what can we change next time.

As effective partners we are committed to helping each other do better. We are clear about our faults and the temptations that exist

This April bet on an accountability partner. It can be someone who you trust but most importantly someone willing to check in and remain consistent in this commitment. That's right, because that's what an accountability partner is for.

Hell, sometimes there’s no better accountability partner than the one looking in the mirror.

Remember, I told you to hook yo-self up.