20 Familar Struggles Only Broke Folks Will Understand

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I was sitting at a stop light next to this car on the street. My sister and I overheard a fellow man and woman arguing about having only $1.00 worth of gas in the car. I looked at my sister as we were talking about our own struggles and we started shaking our heads. It was nice to know that other folks were struggling too.

Not to glamorize the struggle or anything but when you're going through it, there's comfort in knowing you're not alone.

Being broke hurts. Being broke disrupts the relationships you have with others, it throws off your mental health, and your food consumption intake. Being broke can make you mad, inspire you and perhaps can changes your perception. And yes, like any struggle being broke can break you. Here's 20 familiar struggles Broke folks will understand:

1. The off-cycle pay week
The funds no longer are booming the week after you get paid. The week when all the bills are paid but you're struggling trying to figure out your next meal.

2. Everything in life seems to go wrong when you're broke
When there was money in your pocket you didn't have big expenses to deal with. But when you're broke the world of expenses have fallen on your shoulder.

3. Finding unexpected charges on your bank statement
Are you keeping up with your expenses? Nah. Because if you were you'd know those three free trials you've signed up for are no longer free. You my friend have inquired charges.

4. Negative Bank accounts
You wish you could be f*cking up some commas, but instead those negatives are f*cking up you.

5. Choosing what bills to pay
You can either pay your phone bill or the light bill. Of course the light bill is more important. thankfully with your carrier T-Mobile if you wait about 48 hours with your phone off, you can finesse the system and set up a payment arrangement. Thank god for payment arrangements!

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6. Regular visits to the food coverage
Sometimes you got to hit up the local church for food because being broke is just that serious. At least they have Beeferoni. Be careful on those saltine crackers though, they may taste like soap.

7. Dark Thoughts
You have the feeling of not wanting to be around anyone, because you need money to move the way you'd like. You might lock yourself in a room, you may remove yourself from social media, but whatever it is you know you're so pissed off, so pissed offfffff, and down.

8. Not having access to an emergency fund
What's an emergency fund to someone who has to survive off of McDonalds burgers and fries as a daily meal?

9. Making a dollar stretch
Ever had to survive off of $60.00 for two weeks? If you did you'd become a creative stretcher. Can we say: How much a dollar cost?

10. Sleeping off hunger
Sometimes the best way to fill your belly is to go to sleep. You could probably visit a lovely family member's house and hope they have a meal prepared to share with you.

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11. Playing the lottery
Sometimes all it takes is a dollar and a dream. Isn't it strange how this dollar comes when you really don't have money to be spending on false hope?

12. Comparing yourself to others
Being broke is a mentality too. When we focus on ourselves great things can happen.

13. Taking extra special care of everything you own
Money don't grow on trees especially when you don't have the funds to replace what you own. You know one thing though: you're thankful for what you got.

14. Checking your bank account before dining out, then eating from the appetizer menu
You're praying you have enough to cover your meal. What's an entree?

15. Chef Boy-You-Struggling meals
Potted meat, sardines, ramen, corn beef hash, sugar sandwiches, tuna fish and Doritos, you nammmmmmeeeeee it. #ITBUILDSCHARACTER

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16. Riding on fumes
They see you rolling.....You know the lyrics. But, baby you're riding one fumes.

17. Paying half card, half cash
You'd be a fraud if you say you've never done it. Do you have enough on your card anyway?

18. Public transportation pissing you off
It would be nice if you could save for a car! That is if you could get a leg up and a break from the disaster of public transportation.

19. Not wanting to die broke
Can we say no! Hell no! Being broke is not the life. Being broke might have taught us many things about humility but in essence we don't want to live just to get by. We want to be able to live comfortably for our future. At least when we die we want to be able to give something to the next generation and that's not the struggle.

20. Getting tired of working hard for another person's dream
These are the facts of life. It's annoying working hard for someone else's come up, especially when it seems hard for you to climb up the ladder.

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