Why Speaking Things Into Existence Is Not Enough



Have you ever realized how powerful your words are? The tongue is powerful!

Like, let’s think about "speaking things into existence." Whatever "things" may mean for you, the concept of speaking it, believing it and receiving it is focused on if we hypothesize a situation enough, it can come to fruition.

“What I put into the universe, comes back to me.”

It’s the law of attraction, the concept that what you put into the universe, you will get back out.

For example, if you speak positive affirmations and positive thoughts, you will receive
p-o-s-i-t-i-v-i-t-y and if you are negative, then, well you guessed it.

It's as simple as claiming you want a job position and then you up and walk right into that job.

We love to say SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE as if the speaking it and letting the energy that rolls off our tongue is sufficient enough to bring our thoughts into actualization.

I think that’s ludicrous. This is not because I think it’s completely nonsensical to speak things into existence. What I mean is just because we expect something to happen by “talking” and putting it out there doesn't mean it will automatically happen.

Speaking it into existence is merely not enough. We must not only talk but be willing to do the work to make our goals a reality. That requires us in the words of Migos to “walk it like we talk it.”

To speak it and figure out in what way can I make the things I want to happen a reality.

If it’s saving an emergency fund, what practical steps can I take to grow my fund? Will it be allocating small increments of money in my savings every pay period or me simply talking about how “I gotta get better at saving.”

If I want to nurture my body, will I actively seek wellness products that are GOOD for my temple or will I indulge in things I know my body reacts negatively to?

So many of us rely on the ideas that the universe will bring it to us. Oh, baby bring it all to me!

It’s an insult to expect the universe to do all the work while you just sit there, day dreammmmmmmming (cues in Jill Scott).

We can’t just speak things into the universe without being willing to put the work in. Part of the reason why being able to "speak it" is perceived as powerful is that it initiates a flame under us to create a life we desire.

The power of the tongue comes with great responsibility to fulfill our forecast.

So, the next time you say "I'm going to do XYZ and I'm speaking it into existence." Follow it up by saying "here is how I'm going to accomplish it."

And remember sometimes succeeding at a task requires you to keep it between you and the universe so that you can speak, believe, DO, and receive .