3 Things I Learned From Losing A Job

I thought I was hot sh*t the moment I landed my first full time.

To be honest, this position felt perfect because I not only prayed, I organized myself in preparation to
receive my blessing.

Hell, I even wrote numbers down in my handy-dandy notebook and shockingly enough these were the numbers I encountered. Won’t the universe do it?

Little did I know in less than a week of actually being employed my life would fall from my grasp.

I would lose my position, leaving me broke as a joke depleting my cushion and relying on the bare minimum to get me through. (And I try, and I try, to get by, to get by, and I try to get by).

At the time I was in my first apartment, upset at the world, disappointed in my experience and re-living how in the hell did I get back in what I like to call my ‘Isolation in Brokeland.’ I was repeating the traumatic habits I saw my parents try to grapple with when they too were facing a financial setback.



After losing it and I mean literally losing it I found myself in disbelief and trying to appropriate the last of my funds to cover my living expenses.

I called every mentor in my life needing words of encouragement to push through and finally break to my mama “the bad news”.

I lost faith, somehow regained it and thought about the little pea of strength I had in me, forcing me to PICK. UP. MY. DAMN. HEAD.

I even had to drop my pride and ask for help! This is extremely hard for me to do because I don’t like to feel like I need folks to help me. (Charlie how your angels get down like that?)

With nowhere to turn and a bank account rolling on E, I reached out to my sister to help me through a month of bills. Knowing that she too was faced with her own hardships she still was willing to assist. I expressed to her that I would need her assistance until I received my student refund for the upcoming school term, then I would be able to pay her back in full.(Which I did!!!! Owwwww)

At the time, I didn’t understand the purpose of my struggle. In my eyes, I didn’t understand why I was being chosen to suffer. Like anybody going through some sh*t, I didn’t want to go through with it. However, looking back I learned three things:

1. Protect your cushion.

You must always prepare for a rough patch even if things appear to be going well. This is how you protect your cushion. I ended up broke as a joke in this financial setback because I didn’t have enough in my cushion to prepare me for a job loss. What I learned is that your emergency fund must be on "get the strap mode" just in case an obstacle like a job loss tries to blocks you.

2. Remember “nobody wants you when you’re down and out".

Okay, okay I'm not singing "nobody" like Keith Sweat but I’m darn sure alluding to the fact that not everyone will be there to support you through the obstacles you face in life. Some will say the standard “let me know if you need anything” and mean “let me know if you need nothing”. Other people in your life will be praying warriors.

3. A setback is meant for a step up!

For the past six months of this year, I’ve have increased levels of anxiety and operated like a sloth. (I’m honestly not joking). I lost so much motivation and became compliant with not keeping myself on point. When it came to my old position I was motivated to reactivate my focus and get my life together. I put my best foot forward.

I didn't understand until now, my setback happened because it was just the right fire under my ass I needed in order to operate at my next level. #ELEVATEATYOURLEVEL

I may have cried and pouted like a baby but, through this experience, I was able to acquire a bigger blessing in the end!

This blessing consisted of landing a bigger position, paying off another debt and refocusing my energy towards new goals! I can only imagine where my focus would be if this setback didn't occur, however, I choose to move forward.