Boss Up & Get Your Shit Together

I know you.

You want the vacation, peace of mind, a wallet that says “bitch even if you fired me, I’d still be alright” and maybe a little booty rub at your request.

That’s cool sis, because as Cyndi Laupher said:

Oh, girls just want to have fun

There is nothing wrong with that but when you want something there must be a trade off, right?

You work, provide services, you get paid. You don’t work your funds are scarce and you are essentially assed-out. There is no one to save you or their may be a few humans from around the way to you can shoot a lifeline to.

Things, may not be going right in your life, you may have suffered a break up. You may be in a period of transition or you may just be confused about everything. However, there’s one thing you are essentially forgetting to do in your moment of panic and that’s BOSS UP.

We fall down and we get up to fall back down again. This cycle, I promise is the most consistent pattern we’ll face in life. If you want to Boss up you’ll accept this. You’ll accept that ups and downs come and go. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, the light is focused on:

  1. Competing with YOURSELF to be the best version of YOURSELF.

Media:  GIPHY

Media: GIPHY

2. Not engaging in bullshit, even when you see that bullshit exists.

3. Working through your limitations.

4. Blocking out distractions (including those toxic ass loves interests) because sis you don’t have time. TRUST ME!

5. Seeking positive affirmations.

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Media: GIPHY

6. Being honest with yourself and your opportunities for improvement.

Quiet as it’s kept we love to get mad at other people for calling us out on the truth because deep down inside we know what we need to change. A wise person once said “that we can’t take the heat because it’s too hot for us to face.”

If you know your heat and don’t like it change the temperature!

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Media: GIPHY