How I'm Seeking To Channel My #DisciplineZone


So far, in 2019, I learned a lot about my resilience, my ability to put myself first, and working through obstacles. I've come so close to achieving a peaceful sanctuary in my life that, in this next half of the year I am dedicating time to cleanse my space intentionally and anything I feel is excessively depleting. Now, in the past, I've told myself I'm getting intentional about my cleanse and space without really marking off time to dedicate to creating a plan to shift my habits. Working as I move has not necessarily helped me because I've become distracted. I'll tell myself "you can do this by this date" or "you'll be ready to do XYZ" and then when its time I'm nowhere near the goal because I've done terribly in holding myself accountable. 

To achieve my goals, I really have to buckle down, discipline myself, and create an exit plan for my next chapter. Life happens, and sometimes things take up space; however, that's no excuse to mope and remain stagnant. I have a few things approaching me in my next chapter, such as applying to Ph.D. Programs and paying down my student loans. 

Knowing that these will both be hefty expenses and taxing of my time. I will be cutting back on costs that I feel that will not help me in this new path of my #DISCIPLINEZONE. It's a cute name, ain't it. 

My #DISCIPLINEZONE consists of me recommitting to my financial, emotional, physical, and mental goals.

Here's what I'm committing to: 


The Goal 

  • I want to add $5,000 in my savings account by limiting my outside expenses on ride-sharing, eating out, and pushing more money towards paying myself first.

The Plan 

  • Although I am sure I could complete this challenge sooner, I'm giving myself ample time, 6 Months from today will be February 11, 2020, so I can achieve this goal with consistent planning and stick to this savings plan below:

  • 6 Months equates 26-27 weeks for the purpose of this challenge I am giving myself 27 weeks to save $5,000. I am committed to saving $192 per week for 27 weeks, which will result in $5,184 at the end of this challenge.

  • To reach this goal, I am committed to planning ahead for my Winter Apparel, special events, and gatherings. I will be refraining from going on vacation unless I reach my $5,000 savings goal sooner. I most likely will be saying NO to gatherings that steer me away from my goal AND IF, IF I CHOOSE to be on some I need it shit I am REQUIRED to send the same amount of money back into my savings account.

  • I must also create a wishlist for the items I want to purchase.

  • Every SUNDAY I am required to look at my account and prepare for upcoming expenses and savings in the week.

  • For travel, I am required to create a worksheet, and my travel adventures MUST NOT be worth over half of my savings goal.

  • As of this post, I will no longer add unnecessary subscriptions, which are UNNECESSARY EXPENSES.

Emotional/Mental Goals 

  • I will intentionally write more in my journal and continue to visit my therapist.

  • I am committed to going on a 30 Day Writing Journey.

  • I will seek experiences that fill my spirit and don't attack my wallets.

  • I will be sure to make regular visits to the doctors' office for my check-ups to ensure my body is in tip, top shape.

  • I will be more honest with my feelings (how more transparent can I get?)

  • I will continue to remove myself from spaces that I feel have bought more confusion and ill will into my life.

  • I will no longer allow my trauma to define my resilience but my ability to let those lessons become my strength.


  • After a recent doctors appointment, your girl weighs a whomping 177 lbs. My happy weight is 150 with some meat stuffed in all the right places. Although my weight looks good on me, I want to be in the best physical shape. This requires me to eat cleaner and be more conscious of the type of energy I'm putting into my body. The cleaner I eat, the more my body feel content and healthier. So I am committed to keeping my booty and getting in my best SHAPE.

  • I will be committed to being more active. I don't like Gyms for several reasons; however, just because I don't like Gyms doesn't mean I can't be productive. I am committed to getting more active.

In looking at my commitments, I'm sure that it will be a challenge because I know myself. However, if I continue to push myself with the strictness, I will be able to achieve my goals and can work towards bigger Saving Goals.