Broke And Apartment Hunting? Here Are Somethings To Considered

Awwww, the time has come for you to move out. Kudos to you.

Moving out is a big step in adulthood. Not only is it exciting because you can live freely and on your own but, you do so by your rules.


The first piece of advice I can give to someone who feels they’re ready to move out is PREPARE. PREPARE. PREPARE. The better prepared you are, the smoother your transition to living on your own will be. The second piece of advice I can give to young adults who are ready to move is if you can stay and save as much as possible at home, do that before leaving.

Although I understand for some that may not be ideal, everyone grows up in a different environment. Before making a move, it is essential to realize that when you are living away from home, it carries a price tag. I have compiled a list of things that can be helpful for “new independents” who will embark on the journey of moving out.