Whew Chile. Here Are A List of Things That Are Not An Emergency

Media:  GIPHY

Media: GIPHY

  1. You getting a new outfit for an upcoming occasion

    Learn to remix the clothes you already have. I know you have pieces you haven’t worn in a long time. Now for your birthday, I say #GOALLOUT.

  2. Going out

    I’m sorry sis you can stay at home and create the same mood. If you’re interested in wasting money on expensive ass hookah and drinks, learn to make drinks from home and create and invest in your personal  hookah.

  3. Wanting something you can afford

    My dearest love, so you want to buy this item but I think you’re forgetting you not having Won’t. Fucking. Kill. You. 

  4. Competing to look good on social media

    So you want to be Broke. Broke. Broke? I guess thats because that’s all what competing will get you.

  5. Ubereats and Doordash are luxuries

    Ordering every day from these app will put you in the hole! Learn a new recipe sis, why even purchase groceries?

  6. Owning A Vechile

    Are you in a rush to own a car? Please remember that public transportation saves money. In big cities there are people catching rides all the time. Don’t worry about what other people do, focus on your goals. The people you are concerned with are not a factor in` helping you advance. 

  7. Traveling

    Girl when you save and build, the traveling gates will open up for you. Traveling will come because you have the ability access opportunity but you must build. Getting and spending, spending and not planning is an automatic door for limited access, preventing you from doing the shit you actually want to do.

  8. New Decor

    You don’t need new decor right now you need to redecorate your thoughts and put some shit back into the universe.

  9. A new wig

    I’m sorry you don’t need a new wig. You might need a YouTube tutorial a second to learn how to finesse you hair but a new wig …wait on it.

  10. Spending Money

    It’s not an emergency for you to spend money every day. Yes. That may be hard because you have to utilize money all the time but here’s what you can plan ahead to avoid unhealthy expenses.

  11. New Makeup

    Sis you’re going to beat your pockets into a whole. You stay looking good but sis, please take a break. Make-up is so expensive its oppressive to the pockets.

  12. Helping other people

    There’s nothing wrong in helping people when you have the bandwidth help someone. If you don’t have the means to help others, you risk harming yourself.

  13. Making an impression

    Are you impressed with yourself? When you look in the mirror do you feel secure with yourself? Why are you not putting yourself first?

  14. Having your nails and hair done

    Now It pains me to say this, it paiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins me because nothing feels better than having my nails down and hair laid but when you’re saving and trying to build it’s not important. Learn how to do your own ish, remember I said go watch those Youtube tutorials? Yeah, You should go do that.