I’m a brokepert. I’ve lived through enough experiences in Brokeland to give pointers and help others maneuver through the tough stages of adulting, breaking cycles of “taboo” money discussions and helping people address their emotions surrounding their finances.

Do you travel to conduct meet-ups?

I sure do! If you’re interested in having participating in one of my Meet-Ups check out this page.

Are you promoting being broke?

No. I’m promoting having conversations about life experiences. I don’t avoid talking about living in Brokeland because it’s something many people can relate to. No one should fear from talking about money, life and wellness.


How Can i work with you?

I love connecting with creatives like myself who share narratives, develop amazing events and are focused on uplifting their communities. If this sounds like you, send a message in a bottle baby to

Can men benefit from Broke Black Bougie?

Hell Yes! Are men exempt from the experiences we talk about on here? No. Hell No!

when is the podcast coming back?

The podcast is coming back soon, very soon. I want to ensure the podcast thoroughly speaks to the Broke Black Bougie community and presented with the BEST QUALITY.