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Friends, Respect The Fact That I’m Budgeting In Brokeland And Some Days It Requires That I Don’t Spend

Yeah I’m saying it! I feel like I need to have this conversation because some friends just don’t understand.

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I’m on a financial journey which requires, that I do not go out 24/8 and excessively spend my money on things when I need to save. This means I’m working towards reaching a financial goal. Of course, this is not rocket science, because in my head I understand that I must manage my money smart and efficiently whether I’m working with $200 or $2,000. Just because I have the means to access my funds and spend I’d rather keep my coins close.

So, for me, this means the ultimate goal is to get out of brokeland. I understand that everyone around me may not be on my same journey nor has it clicked to them that self-restraint and resistance are my M-O (Modus Operandi) if I ever dream of reaching my goal. I’m not saying that everyone needs to be on this journey too. However, I’m saying that the people in my circle need to respect my space and understand that sometimes I don’t need to spend or attend every event to live my #BESTLIFE. Sometimes, my #BESTLIFE requires that I sit my ass down a while and build towards my greatness. Whether this means reading a damn book on how I can become better budgeter, investor etc., or reading for the fun of it I need to have a seat.  To me, I’m learning to be financially responsible but because I choose to be seated I often get hit with:

“Girl you don’t ever want to go out!”

“Come on girl, let’s live our best lives”!


And the beat goes on, but just like my funds they are not everlasting.

So, the next time someone hits me with “come out with us tonight” and I say ‘I can’t” understand it’s not just as simple as me being a broke bitch.

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Please respect the fact that I probably have exhausted all the ideas in my head of going out, my spending habits and what that would mean to my funds.

Enter into my thought process:

 I feel like rotating my ass:

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Looking at budget:

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But, there's no wiggle room for me to cover the drinks I want to drink tonight or my bougie ass preferences.

After examining my spending habits and what’s in my bank account I have strategically chosen NOT to participate in the festivities.

Which means my response may be:

“I’m sorry love, not tonight.”

“I can’t make it.”


“This is not in my budget.”

“Are you gonna pay my utilities bill and have food for me next week?”

“I’m broke babbbbbbbbbbbbby”

Uh no, again.

And no matter what answer I give, friends you should simply respect my journey because my Black ass does not flake on your asses all the time. You know as the Hypeking I am, I love good times and wickkkkkkkkkked waistlines but tonight will not be that night for me. If you understand the kid, then there shall be no need for an explanation.

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20 Something Rants: I’m Learning To Create My Own Light

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When things in life don’t go as intended you have to learn to love yourself! When you believe that the struggle will never end just remember to love yourself. 

Lately,  I’ve been hard on myself. I guess that's because I’m my biggest critic. It’s not that I’ve missed goals but I have mismanaged my time and energy. I’ve been slack, unmotivated and I have gone through a dark phase in my life. Now that I have crawled out through this dark hole, I am reminiscing about my lesson. I learned the importance of maintaining and prioritizing what matters to me in my world. This includes what energy I am calling to me and the energy spaces I walk into.

During this time in the darkness, I like to call “my beginning 20 life crisis” I’ve been panicking like hell.  I feel young and extremely old at the same time. I'm pressuring myself to achieve things now in 10-15 years my best self would be able to do. I’m competing with my future self, a woman I am not yet. I suppose now in my life it’s the biggest flaw I have.

It's easily to view 9 posts on the feed of someone's Instagram and feel like I’m not doing enough, that I'm not solid enough as if my journey is not validasf. I’m crawling and at times I speed off quick fast.

The thing is on social media we only post greatness! This greatness consists of the best pictures, experiences, memories, and nothing of the opposite.

That’s because we understand ain’t shit cute about struggling, feeling out of place or living in darkness. In fact, the only cute thing about living in darkness is seeing when the light comes.

Yet, there are two things we can do when times like arrive. The first is to become morphed in darkness, to become angry, try to rush time and move in solitude.

The latter consists of us developing our own light in the darkness, our own positivity and relying on these things to help see our way out of darkness.

For now on I’m creating my own sparkle of light.

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Get Out Of Brokeland By Getting Your Credit Right

Here at Broke Black Bougie, we talk a lot about living in Brokeland and finding joy in being brokeasf. But, in order to make it to the land of the Bougieashell, we cannot do it without having good credit. 

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Credit is an imperative part of life. This is simply because good credit can get you a dream apartment you’ve always wanted, that job you’ve had your eye on and most importantly low-interest rates! This definitely makes a difference in the trajectory of your financial health. Don’t believe me? Do a quick google search regarding the price of bad credit. I always say it pays to be broke but, it damn sure pays to have bad credit. Especially, if your credit was shot since birth when your “family members” decided to open up all these forms of credit in your name.

If you’re interested in cleaning up your credit and getting out of Brokeland the first step is acknowledging you need to seek the professional guidance. The second step is finding a company with a positive reputation to assist you in achieving your goals. If this sounds like something you’re interested in you may want to check out My Credit Ability.

My Credit Ability offers a wide range of services for all of your credit and financial needs. Whether you need a budget session, credit repair or debt settlement My Credit Ability can be your go-to source to get on the right track.

I’ll let Najah a Financial Literacy Coach and Credit Consultant from My Credit Ability do the talking! 

On her greatest accomplishment of her job…

My greatest accomplishment is educating the black community on making better decisions when it comes to irresponsible financial behaviors, credit decisions, and the homeownership process. I have several clients who never thought they could be homeowners or obtain business credit, but because of my program they now are. 

On the importance of good credit and/or to the progression of the Black community...

Good credit is only one of the components that is important to the progression of the Black community. Good credit allows individuals access to lower interest rates, which result in lower monthly payments and overall lower cost compared to someone with unfavorable credit scores. The overall goal is to educate our community on managing money, investing in assets, and being in a position to start businesses to generate generational wealth for our children, grandchildren, etc.  

Why you should choose My Credit Ability LLC…

My Credit Ability is a credit restoration company that specializes in teaching the community Do It Yourself credit repair at affordable cost. We recognize not every can afford one on one consulting. We also recognize that most people don’t always have the time to complete the process themselves. We offer affordable options with quality service and extremely great value for one on one credit restoration services. Unlike other credit restoration services, we also offer negotiation and debt settlement on behalf of our clients.

Looking towards building a good credit score check out the link below:

Are you looking into homeownership? Enroll in My Credit Ability home owner program:

I wish you well on your credit journey! 

She’s toughhhhh I mean she really cleans up!

For The College Graduate Now Living In Brokeland I Promise You, It’s Temporary

You made it to the promised land. After your blood, sweat and tears you are finally able to cross the stage and now a new chapter in your life is complete.

You may be a first-generation college graduate or even a second generation graduate in your family. Whatever, the hell you are let’s take a moment to salute your accomplishments.

You deserve to enjoy every moment of success because you earned it and no matter what’s next in your life, graduating college is something to be proud about.

I know you’ve probably been hit with a ton of questions like:

You got a job?

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Are you furthering your education?

What exactly are you going to do with your degree?

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If I were you, don’t feel like you have to answer these questions. And if you do choose to say something don’t be afraid to answer like this: “Stretch my ass and get glad.”

Because if anything, you should be focused on your journey and what’s ahead of you. Not on the statements of others that are causing you unnecessary stress. And this DAMN WELLLLLLL includes thoughts of you beating yourself up because you are not:

Living lavish straight out of college with a penthouse, $95,000 salary, married, traveling every weekend and posting pictures on social media proclaiming N*GGA WE MADE IT

What you are thinking can potentially impact your outcomes especially if you graduated and you’re still broke. Let me put you in my perspective for a moment. It amazes when people think that just because I graduated with a Bachelors I am rich.

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In fact, let me be quite frank, when I graduated college I was depressed. I was depressed because although a new chapter had come into my life I had to return to a place I didn’t want to be emotionally and physically. I didn’t prepare myself well enough throughout my four years to leave when I graduated and not to mention I was brokeasf. I was living in a world of transversal lines trying to juggle with the idea of seeing my goal but not being able to fully grasp it. It’s a battle I still face one year later post graduation.

I then left my hometown to go to grad school in the capital of NYS and unbeknownst to me when I left with  $100.00 in my pocket so many blessing have come my way that I cannot fathom. At times I chose not to be positive because I kept focusing on what I  don’t have instead how far I’ve come to be in the position I am now. 

I said all this to simply say that every emotion you are feeling, every struggle you may be currently facing and every moment that is not bright as current graduate shall past. It has to because darkness cannot stand in your light for long. The sooner you acknowledge you will be okay, and decide to take it one day at a time your path will be a lot clear.

And another word:

Those folks who are posting hard, living the lavish life and flexing on social media...they are probably broke just like you but they will fake it until they make it. However, I don’t want you to fake it and be unhappy. Stretch that ass and get glad! 

I’m rooting for you!

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Poet's Corner: 'Black Man Stand' and 'Black Girl Magic

Kashif Boothe Entertainment is an award winning independent production company that creates documentaries, films and web series. Kashif Boothe Entertainment's most recent webseries is Imperfect, a spinoff show to the web series Nate & Jamie.

In January 2018, Kashif Boothe Entertainment  released two short films Black Man Stand and Black Girl Magic.

As Kashif Boothe states:

Black Man Stand is a poem written by Jon-Jay Iheanacho, Directed By Kashif Boothe and stars Chris Gordon.

In a time when Black men around the world are a victim of institutional racism and police brutality, this film uplifts Black men to stand through adversity and be a role model for young Black men. The poem encourages Black men to stand up for what is right. Jon praises the Black men who have made a statement by taking a knee like Colin Kapernick and for Tommie Smith and John Carlos raising their fists at the 1968 Olympic games.

Black Girl Magic is a poem written by Bee True, Directed by Kashif Boothe and stars Jamila Wingett, Empress Divine, Chantell Jones, Tanaka N, Araba Jane, Shireenah Ingram, Nataylia Roni and Winnie Arhin.

Black Girl Magic is a poetry short film to inspire Black women from all ages, sizes and shades to love the skin their in. Bee True shares how special it is being a Black woman, the strength of a Black woman and how they are often imitated but never duplicated.

Today it is an honor I share with you these poems in Poet’s Corner. Please check it out and support your Black creatives! Also, be sure to subscribe to Kashif Boothe Entertainment on Youtube and follow Kashif's company on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

On Mo'Nique, Wakanda And Dis-U.N.I.T.Y

*It’s been a while since I wrote a piece in the category of Black Conscious however, I’m here today to serve my Black thought. I hope you enjoy.

Since March 11th, 2018 Black Panther has garnered over 1 billion dollars in the box office and the hype is not over.  After watching the film as an Africana Scholar I knew I would walk away with multiple thoughts roaming in my head.  I had a greater understanding of the lessons I learned in Africana studies and understood how people would perceive the messages in this film outside of my academic discipline.

When a Black woman comes to the front of the table to discuss the unfair treatment of  Black lives and Black women why can’t we listen to understand?

Why is it that the voice of Black pain has to be validated by other people who also realize these struggles exist in order for it to be a “real” issue?

Why does a White body have to confirm the issues that we are going through in order to validate our injustices? Why can we never have a collective BlackAsf*ck consensus? 

When I first heard Mo'Nique’s call to boycott Netflix, I thought that it’s about time someone has spoken up about the injustices in Hollywood. Let's be honest, Netflix is not the only the company in  Hollywood that is flawed.

I watched, I listen to many arguments and then I assessed the multitude of Black bodies who laughed, disregarded, and mocked the issues being presented by Mo'Nique. I watched the Breakfast Club a morning show I loved and cherished for their business insights, community messages and of course Hip-Hop music receive their second strike this year from me as a viewer.

The first strike began with the ignorance surrounding Afrocentricity and Afro Latinx bodies. It was the conversation that was held between DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God, and Amara a Negra.

We’re cheering on Wakanda as an exceptional film, bringing awareness to inter-relational politics as it pertains to people within the African Diaspora, external relations, BLACKASSNESS, heroism and a ton of other metaphoric connections. Yet, we refuse to stand by people fighting for the same causes that parallel with our existing state in AmeriKKKa.

Recently, Viola Davis spoke out regarding racial and wage inequalities of Black women in Hollywood. Viola's message was accepted across people of the African Diaspora.

When her sister Mo’nique spoke out against the same issues a few weeks prior she was met with many disappointments. People in opposition explained these challenges were mostly pointed towards her “personal issues” with Netflix not offering her a respectable fee. These challenges were associated with her “reputation” and attitude”. They had nothing to do with “race” and everything to do with “business”.

As I said before and have always stated In business race matters.

Did people forget that personal isolated incidents have always mattered in examining the collective problems of the Black community?

After watching the Black Panther this last month I couldn’t help think about Mo'nique, her parallels to Okoye and their love for the people.

I couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that in Wakanda Mo'Nique's would have been respected. Her opinion would have been valued.

Yet, here outside of the fictional utopia of Wakanda there’s so much work to do.

Where Mo’Nique called for a boycott and for her people to support she was expressing the same message as Mrs. Viola Davis:

“I’m not hustling for my worth. I’m worthy. When I came out of my mother’s womb, I came out worthy.”

Too many people are caught up in the political correctness of Monique.

“She should have acted…”
“She deserved the price because…”
“She’s the “b*tchy Angry Black woman...”

I wonder the next the time they are fighting for injustices they face will they forget the fight for equity?


Whether or not you like that she was calling for a boycott or a discussion it was all in the name of equity.

I know damn well there were people in the Civil Rights Movement who disagreed with many items on the Black agenda presented to them in the development of protest and their direction of focus. However, they came together for the greater good of the community. The big picture here is that even in the slightest structures, cracks and corners of our lives racial and gender bias exist.

The entertainment industry is not immune to these issues. These issues are embedded in the DNA of the industry and country. It has existed since before The Birth of A Nation of 1915. Those of minoritized communities are left the most impacted.

This is why Wakanda deserves just as much admiration as it does reflection on the lessons it presented to global audiences on the current state of Black lives who made the movie powerful. Lil Ms. Ole’ Hollywood is not exempt from these lessons and Wakanda although I love it so, is not the perfect utopia. To be honest neither is the world we live in.

We can agree to disagree on the matter but one this is for certain: Dis-U.N.I.T.Y and spreading hate towards our own people is the biggest threat to the Black agenda.