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A List Of Basic Stuff We Need Money To Do

I don’t want to hear conversations about how money isn’t everything. Why? Because money is what makes the world go around. Money, is the force in which we aspire to hold in order to maneuver through this society. As Wu-Tang taught us without money life is hectic. We constantly think about the ways money functions for us or may not fulfill our personal needs.

*N*ggas with no money act like money isn’t everything - Drake*
I was speaking to a close friend the other day and we discussed the basic shit we need in life that requires funds. We noticed when we were younger we had a third lens on how money influenced our life. I guess it was us assessing how much money impacted our life because money was very much absent. Whether or not you examine money, it is essential to living a fulfilling life. Notice I didn’t say key, because I know people who are very happy, broke and optimistic. I also know happy, broke and optimistic people who would not turn down funds if they were offered to them. So, this is a list of sh*t we need money to do! 1. To Breathe It costs to keep my health together. 2. To Die It cost about $10,000 to die. TO DIE. 3. To Eat

I don't like an empty belly!
4. To Sleep There’s nothing like peaceful when you have money. 5. To wipe my Black ass It pays money to stay clean. 6. To go to school I’m not saying you need money to get into school. I’m saying you damn sure need a little change in your pocket to maneuver through it. 7. To break the cycle of poverty Give me $3,000 MAYBE EVEN $4 my saving would be off to a great start. 8. To graduate from school I need to graduate on time and have access to a job with GREAT funds. 9. To eat NUTRITIOUS FOOD I need access to healthy shit and the funds afford the healthy shit! 10. To maintain a roof over my head I need money in order to lay down. This goes back to #4! 15. To live in Brokeland It pays to be BROKE! Actually, It kills to be broke it really does. 16. To move I can’t move anywhere when I’m broke. I mean I could and be the next Taraji P. Henson but….#ITWASJUSTADREAM *Nelly Voice* 17. To buy a $5.00 meal $5.00 seems so expensive when you barely have a nickel. 18. To start a side hustle What service shall I provide that doesn’t cost funds? 19. To make a bet If I lose I’m sh*t out of luck. 20. To buy cheap sh*t Let’s face it, It’s cheaper to keep her (by “her” I mean money). The more you spend on cheap sh*t because it’s cheap, the more the cheap ish will reveal itself. Just remember to shop smart and make investments. 21. To buy expensive sh*t YOU DON’T HAVE IT BRUH! TRY TO FIND A QUALITY ITEM THAT WORKS IN YOUR BUDGET. 22. To read this post In the amount of time you read this post, you could be finding creating ways to make passive income.

What other basic stuff can can you think of? *Honorable mention: To drop food!* We can't afford to waste ANYTHING around here.

Nola Darling Taught Me...

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ENTER: Bobby Womack’s 1972 song: A Woman’s Gotta Have It 

A woman's got to have it, I believe
She's got to know that she's needed around
When you kiss her, you got to make her feel it, every time, boy
She's got to know that she's not walking on shaky ground

A gem indeed. If you can’t tell by the lyrics just know Bobby is explaining why she’s gotta have it. 

ENTER: Spike Lee’s 2017 Series She’s Gotta Have It 31 years later. My pearls are hanging snatched from my neck because I clutched them too. damn. Hard. Just as the 1986 film, the series explores the life of Nola Darling but reveals deeper in the labels of sexuality, Gazes of Black men and women oh and the sands of time. I thought about this carefully that I found myself lying in the middle of a Netflix binge trying to understand the 100+ messages that were thrown at me. Hence, this is exactly why I have taken my time to draft up an article on the netflix series. However, the time has come to get real on the lessons taught in this series. With that said I am introducing Nola Taught Me…
The Difference Between Boys And Men Are The Lessons They Learn - Kid, Biker Boyz
Did sis really just use a Biker Boyz quote? Yes, I did. In fact, I love the movie. The key thing to take away here is:

The Difference Between Girl and Women are the lessons they learn - Charli

So when watching Nola Darling in all of her essence in the show I realized a few things.
These n*ggas only want one thing - Daddy Charles

When I was a little girl, I learned a few things of sexualilty and sex as a Black girl:
  • A man who is interested will put in the work!
  • Keep your legs closed, no one is worthy!
  • Did I say the only thing open past 11 pm is some legs?
Now on to the show: 

Welp, for those who did not enjoy the show I have news for you,  I am the complete opposite. 


Personally, I felt there were many lessons, artistic platforms, imagery and songs used to examine the stories presented through the world of Nola. I believe that no matter how much people felt the women story lines lagged or were wack, subjecting Black women to Instagram models and such the show provides so much more quality lessons. 

Yes, I think the exploration of Queer identities needs a stronger approach. This is because it is Nola's most concrete relationship. I say that in terms of how Opal genuinely cares for her. I think that Nola’s phase of exploration is a cover up for what she really wants and what she fears: COMMITMENT. 

I think that Nola is playing the game because she simply can’t find something that fulfills her experience of dating. I think that her character allows us as women, Black women in particular to rewrite everything we ever understood or could commit to in our understanding of sexuality. Nevertheless these are the lessons I’ve learned from Nola:

1. Stay in control of your loving bed.
Don't let a lover make you feel like a prisoner in your own bed. If they do, you probably shouldn't be sleeping with them.

    2. It’s okay for you to experience the phase of exploration! 
Go out and find what you like and want by experiencing people. Experiencing people is not limited to sex and d*ck appointments for those of you in the back.
3. On that note it’s okay for you as a Black women to want D*ck!
I say this because as Black women we are oversexualized and negatively stigmatize for wanting to pursue our sexuality. 

    4. Sex comes with emotions and even if you move like a fake ass savage you have feelings too. #AWORD
If something feels good to you, if it pleasures you , if you like it these are emotions. These emotions are associated with the people we choose to keep around.

    5. Labels are simply labels and society is full of sh*t. 

    6. "Talking phases" and dating is full of sh*t too. 
F*ck a "we talk" my n*gga I want to HEAR your heart beat. #HOLLAIFYAHEARME

    7. Even when we don’t feel pressured by our society we subconsciously are!

    8. Take a break from soul searching and find yourself ! 
If you do love may end up finding you. 

     9. Be the milker not the milk!

    10. Yes. Someone can love you even if you’re BROKE.   
  MONEY is an important factor in relationships.

    11. Being attractive is a privilege! #AWORD

    12. Be straight up with anything you want in life!

    13.  Do you want me? Do you want him? Cause I want you!  BILAL CAN YOU PUSH THROUGH ONCE MORE WITH THE PRINCE PERFORMANCE? 

    14. Consistency is key and if someone is not persistent they probably are not pursuing the right thing. 
Silly Rabbit, tricks* are for kids.


   16. Love is important but, sometimes it can blind you from your true needs.  

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 17. Lust expires. 
   It’s exciting to be in love and interconnected with another soul. However, if this is the type of love you want know that this connection is not lust! Lust is a temporarily fulfillment,   a temporary tease of L.O.V.E. Lust is fake love. #AWORD 
If love is what you desire seek self love FIRST

  18. Being broke is TEMPORARY!

No one has time to deal with your ass loosing sleep over someone whose does NOT care about your health and your well being. You baby deserve the best and anything less is an insult to your Queendom! 

When Nola went to Jail for stepping in for Papo my heart cried. I saw it as a Black woman coming to the rescue of a Black man  whose life stood at the fate of officers with guns. Black women always come to the forefront for our Black men!

21. While you decide to worship living in New York City remember that there are people living there who want to get out. Remember there are people living there who want their neighborhoods to stick to their roots. The Black roots that are being erased by gentrification. #RESPECTTHETRUTH 

Shout out to the artist Tatyana Fazlalizedeh! She is the artist behind Nola's masterpieces in the show. Fazlalizedeh pieces constantly remind me that art is love and art is political. #ALLFORMS 

I honestly felt like binge watching this series killed my spirit to write separate posts for each of the episodes. This is because they were soooo good. I ended up talking it out, texting finding common themes etc.  As much as I've elaborated on reviews of Insecure, I feel like I committed more time to writing about such episodes because I didn't have access to the whole damn season. I will admit every episode of this She's Gotta Have It deserves a run down and I will do better. I'm off to re-watch the show! I hope to gain more insight!

Budgeting Brokeness: How To Develop A Budget

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Creating a budget was worth it though!

My budget story is simple. In fact, I think it’s helpful to most of the Broke Black Bougie community.

Why did I start budgeting?

This may be long post so please bare with me.

My first understanding of money was when I 16. I received my first job as a media assistant working for my local television station.

My first check was a stipend of $2,000 split into four checks for the months of July and August. So, I received $500.00 bi-weekly until my last check.

I always was told “save your money cook” (Cook is short for Cookie my childhood nickname btw) but, no one laid the financial guidance for me to develop a savings.

Whatever money entered my savings it popped right out into my checking for spending. With no bills at the time, I splurged my funds on food, clothes, notebooks (my guilty pleasure), and supporting my household #THEJOYSOFBEINBROKEYOUNGANDBLACK.

Most of my bad habits derived from family members who also had an unhealthy relationship with money. We lived paycheck to paycheck, suffered from food insecurity and lacked a stable concrete foundation of planning, budgeting and execution with our money.

Going to college in my hometown was a smart move for a student who wasn’t yet prepared nor financially literate to survive on her own. For instance, in undergrad I ended up filing for not 1, not 2, but 3 sources of credit for “emergencies” and to assist my family. Thankfully, the total line of credit combined for these cards was $3,300. Although this number is extremely low, as a college student making roughly only $200.00 every other check, with a phone bill and needing access to funds THIS. WAS. NOT. A. SMART. MOVE.

In fact, in my junior year of college I hit a mild level depression because my finances were out of wack. My credit score looked wack,and my self-esteem/confidence dragged because I was not where I wanted to be: financially, physically and emotionally! Being broke can have a traumatic impact on your health. 

When senior year came, I realized how UNPREPARED I was for my next chapter. I realized my savings  was non-existent and my goals were unclear. What worried me the most was that I still didn’t have any financial clarity living in a financially cluttered space. However, I knew a few things:

1. There is a life that exists outside living paycheck to paycheck. 
2. I don’t have to live a life as an adult the same way I grew up. #BROKEAF
3. Broke language can really take a toll on your well being and financial development.
4. It was time to get real with the question: Why Am I Broke?
5. It was time to find a solution to that question. 

Leaving for grad school I knew I had to get some things in order and reorganize my financial goals. Fall semester was a struggle for me but, this semester I truly began to get a grasp on my finances and future goals! My financial freedom starts with budgeting!

*I will provide you with the template I use at the end of this post.

I started to map out all ALL MY EXPENSES (every single thing I spend my money on). Then, I started to map out my INCOME, DEBTS, and DREAMS. After doing that I was really able to check myself and concluded:

1. A little $7.00 meal here and there adds up! 
2. I really don’t have much sh*t I need to spend my money on.
3. I have wiggle room to build a financial cushion and can work towards creating a savings fund for life’s unexpected curve balls.

In creating my budget, I used a template from Google Drive and tailored it towards my Broke Black Bougie needs. Then, I pulled my credit report to see all my debts (very few believe it or not) and set goals for the bills I can work on for the first half of the year. I have a few small student loans that can be paid off. I also will be eliminating the rest of my credit card debt this year! #HAPPPPPPPPYCAMPER

If you are budgeting brokeness the best piece of advice I can give to folks living Brokeland is to get real with what’s in your wallet and your financial situation. Yes, sometimes a great heart might lead you to make an unhealthy financial sacrifice but, remember it will be you in the end who takes the tab! Yes. You might think that you're putting your credit card to good use but think again. There's nothing wrong in having an honest assessment with your finances. It feels good to start fresh with  new a perspective and to start a journey towards building a healthy relationship with money.

Just think about this: It feels good to not have anxiety over a unpaid bill, to have money in your savings account and to have funds lasting you past your next pay period!

I’m starting to educate myself more on personal finance and starting to think critically about my financial freedom as a Black woman. Yes, I know that I'm only 22 but, I rather start now than later with creating a cushion for myself.

I hope you’ll return back to see my progress! I intend to have more open discussions and topics about my personal finance journey and expanding my financial literacy. I hope this can help others living #BROKEBLACKBOUGIE

Click here to access my free budget sheet.

Cheap & Chic: Shop Divatress for All Your Budget Beauty Needs

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions listed in this post are of my own

Divatress is THE leading e-commerce brand focused on providing you with affordable and qualities products for your beautiful Black bougie hair needs. Looking for wigs or a quick switch up for an upcoming event? Tired of look blah and ready to channel your inner Diva? LOOK. NO. FURTHER. Why is Divatress is perfect for you? DIVATRESS is a company that is budget friendly. Remember #BUDGETDOESNTMEANBROKE there’s nothing better than matching quality and hair affordability. 1. DIVATRESS is company that focuses on BLACK HAIR CARE! 2. They are committed to your Black hair care needs and fulfilling your expectations, ensuring you as their customer are pleased. 3. Divatress provides thousands of products such as that popping lace front you’ve been peeping from brands like Vivica A. Fox Collection to Sensationnel. They serve looks and creative styles such as:

         Zury Sis Reversible Wig – Heidy $19.95

This wig is perfect for a dinner or quick night out. This color is everything!!!!!

 Do you see this color? Seriously! It's popping!

The wig has to be my all time favorite! I absolutely love the loose curls. 

Are you in the mood to channel your inner Cleopatra?


Living #BROKEBLACKBOUGIE it's important you shop at places that are financially friendly for your budget. #BUDGETBEFOREBUNDLES and know it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it! What's better than being a Diva in Divatress?

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My Uber Driver Told Me I Was A Different Kind Of Black Person

My grandmother always told me about the internal division that exist between the people of the African Diaspora. She told me that “one day you will have to have a conversation with a Brotha or a Sista who will think they are better than you because they will appear to have a stronger connection than you to their African roots”. To her this was the  main factor why we as Black folks would never receive reparations in her lifetime or  true justice in the fight of social progression. When I was 10, I remember her having a conversation with me about it. I am now 22 and just now am starting to put those pieces together.

He told me that I sounded “more of British Black than I did American”.

I was soft spoken to him more or less I was not “loud” like my other Brothas and Sistas.

He said “you know how our brothas and sistas can be, eh. The environment they grow up in is very loud, especially for people your kind”.

I knew this Uber ride was going to be terrible from the moment I got in. I knew as soon as he started talking about how he as a Black man loved the police it was going to go south! As soon has he started talking about how much “our people” should respect the police I knew my Black ass was going to have to get REAL and read him to filth. This is not how I wanted to start my Tuesday morning.

I had to ride Uber all week because my bus pass stopped working (please don’t ask). I already knew from that moment I would be irritated spending my much needed funds on a damn Uber day after day. But, this past Tuesday I got up and did it again. The ride begin like any other Uber drive. I got in, wished a good morning to the driver and confirmed my designated address.

He noticed that I was off to work in a government building from there he wanted to compliment my “intelligence”.

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“Uh, thanks” was my response.

In the back of my head I kept saying I. DON’T. HAVE. TIME. FOR. THE BULLSH*T. NOW. I REALLY. DON’T. But, what did the universe do? The universe made me have time as I was trapped in a damn Uber car I already paid for.

The moment he kept emphasizing how I sounded so intelligent and asked what am I studying? What was my past degree in? I knew what was about to happen.

I knew I had to gear up my boots to decide if today was the day I was going to exert energy on educating another Brotha on how to decolonize his damn mind.

During my time riding with him he wanted to emphasize that I seemed to be “a different” Black from my other brothas and sista and that he as an African man was able to tell the difference. This is because where he’s from more than 50% of our brothas and sistas were loud”, he knew from his “research”. "Spanish this...Blacks that etc”. (In my mind I kept saying but, Spanish is being used inaccurately here Sir...)

I knew he was a wrong. That’s because he was talking to a woman who not only studies Blackness but, the thoughts on ethnic and racial identities that exist internally from people with the African Diaspora.  And he, my Uber driver was discriminating against his own kind. I’m careful not to use the words racist because, I don’t believe Black people can be racist. Racism is a power tool deriving from White Supremacy in which Blacks as history tells us, politically, economically, socially (any aspects of racism and White Surpremacy you name) cannot benefit from such systems.

After asking my Uber driver to fact check his statements, from perspective his thoughts weren’t said in a “negative” nor demeaning way. They were just “observations”.

I decided to ask him where were these numbers coming from?  I didn’t understand the scholarly research backing his claims. He begin to catch on to the “type” of Black woman he was talking to.

He, an African man told an me an African woman that I don’t take notes, this is why I don’t this stuff. That my perception of his statements were out of context.

I just needed clarification.

I just needed to let his ass know that I was from the hood of Rochester, NY and did not take kindly his “observation” of me being from elsewhere, because I didn’t sound like “a normal Black”. He also wanted to emphasize that he was a Black person who came from Africa, homeless and “picked himself up by his bootstraps”. You know, the same bootstraps that are racialized when people try to tell Black communities why they continually are being systematically oppressed.

It sounded like like I was speaking to a conservative and colonized mind who felt the need to use the “American Blacks”,  “Regular Blacks” and “Americans” to signify how they are different amongst the other Blacks because they know (Lo Lo) a heritage closer to their true African identity.

My Black ass has had about enough of the foolery!

The more this man talked-he talked about how he struggled and worked his way up. He discussed about how he worked to obtain a job, brought his house and now is “living the American dream”.
Throughout the car ride, I didn’t feel comfortable neither did I understand what was the purpose. I didn’t want to argue with someone in the morning. So I decided to hit him with the mhmm, yeah, o….k.

Still not having the energy, I listened and starting recording to fuel my writing response that I would write today about my sh*tty past Tuesday. Then, the conversation took a turn and whether that was for me to sway my decision on his opinion or to just listen I’ll never know.

From his experiences and perspective he knows that collectively we as a Black community can beat the competition. We can be better and gain all we deserve in this life, we just have to do for ourselves. We are not deserving until we do for ourselves. In fact he said: No one can marginalized you unless you do it to yourself. 

In the back of my mind I knew damn well he doesn’t know his history.  AND. THIS. IS. WHERE. MY. SLEEPY. BLACK. ASS. WOKE. UP. AND. DREW. THE. LINE.

Not every “Black” person, excuse me “American” person, I mean "regular Bl…" I mean any damn Black descendant whose ancestor was taken from their Native land of Africa, separated by a boat stop of islands and mass lands has his story. In America, if you are Black, if your skin is dark, if you appear to have even the slightest Afrocentric features, everything you are is systematically minoritized by the system in the Westernized world. If you are Black globally, you are faced with these same stigmas because Anti-Blackness is an infection penetrated by Eurocentric ideology that has stretched the haves from the have no ts, the human from the inhumane, beauty from beast. As a quote by Charles Knox an anatomist, zoologist, ethnologist and doctor noted in "Race and Manifest Destiny" by Reginald Horsman wrote:

 "Race is everything, literature,science, art, -in a word, civilization depends on it". 
Media: IMGUR
*1619 was not "the official" start of African Chattel Slavery as there are cases recorded in history in which confirm the interest of Europeans in the mid 1500's trading Black bodies.

1954 was not long ago, neither is the thought and rhetoric that exists among people on the skrewed ideals of Black bodies.

The way we are working to address the police he “loves” so much collectively have a bad rep amongst Black and Brown communities...

The way we are working on to address the systemic racism…

The way we are working to uncover the veils that exist over the Black bodies like his, that have not educated themselves on the state of Black lives in this world…

The way we are working on the crisis that exist currently in this time of our political climate….
And once I explained to him this to he claimed "he just didn’t know”.

But, what I knew was that if the KKK were to go on a killing spree right now in this instance it wouldn’t matter if he was African, Jamaican, Dominican or any kind of “ethnic Black”. It wouldn’t matter was that I was “other”. All that would matter is that we were Black.

At the end of our conversation he complimented my perspective and said we need people on the inside to fight. He said the stuff that has happened to us in AmeriKKKa, crimes people have committed should not be marked against you especially for Black people.

For me on the other hand, I think we need insiders and outsiders. I think we need a collective decolonization of Black people in order to get to the root of success within our community. I think we need to have a serious discussion on the way Black people want to separate themselves so much from “Regular Blacks” to say I’m so proud of my heritage (be proud of it) I’m Black but not your kind of  Black (don't be on this ish). I think we need to have a conversation on the ignorance that existed when Black immigrants (but we all are immigrants) came from their countries to “AmeriKKKa” and were treated with such disdain among their brothas and sista. I think we need to have a conversation about Black folks who shy away from the term “American”, attack  “AmeriKKKa” but use the word “American” to insult the "normalized and basic forms of Blackness".

Nevertheless, I say this Uber experience was painful but I needed it. In the end I was so happy to get out of the car, you’d would have thought I had the best start to my morning ever.

Media: GIPHY

This experience made me think about my uncle who almost gave up his social justice fight because he just didn’t see progress.  He was older and saw too much damn division with the Black community and no sense of direction to pick up the pieces. He almost burned out but my grandmother she turned insane. I need you to let that sink in for a moment.

My grandmother always told me about the internal division that exists between the people of the African Diaspora. I knew there was more work to be done if we ever wanted to beat the system.
There’s still a long road ahead to put our internal pieces together.

Listen to part of the convo below:

On Being Broke and Black: What Kind of Broke Are You?

The joys of being Broke Black:

Cheers to making something out of nothing and surviving off of less than the “ordinary” (whatever the ordinary may mean outside of Brokeland). Cheers to the struggles that build our character and encourage us to do better for our wallets. Cheers to the sh*t we know we have to get together!

1. I’m broke and I just bought the new Jays. I don’t even have $190.00 to my name. There are principalities to the bullsh*t. *Cues in Still Fly by Big Tymers...

Media: GIPHY

2. I’m always busy because I can’t afford to be with people.

👀 Who me?

Media: GIPHY
Sitting in bed spending NO MONEY! This is just how I like to spend my time in Brokeland.

3. I like cheap turn-ups. The ones that require a bottle of wine or Henny and a playlist that inspires my BROKE ASS life.

*Cues in We Gon’ Make It by Jadakiss

Media: GIPHY

4. I could be further in my savings plan but, I don’t realize I’m broke until I’m broke. #ITDOESNTMAKESENSE

5. I don’t budget!  I believe where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Ohhh mhhhkay.

6.  I budget and I still don't understand why am I in this position a.k.a B.R.O.K.E? #GROWTHISKEY

Media: GIPHY

7. I’m broke because my mama was broke. So was my daddy too but he tends to stash funds away.


I’m a broke college student and I need to sign up to receive food stamps but, I’m too prideful!


9. Just because I am broke doesn't mean I have to look it.

You right with your Bougie ass! But, umm I’m glad you don’t try to focus on spending shit on name brand
products. Right?
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10. I like to go out to eat but I don’t like to pay the tip.

When they ask you to pay tip?? Uhh....

Media: GIPHY

11. My bundles cost more than what’s in my bank account!

Sorry sis these are the facts of life. I mean, I opt in for the synthetics but I pay more later in the long run.

Media: GIPHY

12. Stuntin' is a habit...get like me.

I look fly. I look good. A story told by Chalie Boy.

13. Depressed and broke.

Nothing can bring me out of the dark depths of poverty and struggle. I need money to move how I’d like.
Being broke is traumatic and it impacts the mental health and well being of people. #DONTARGUEWITHME

Media: GIPHY

Remember this moment in Set It Off? I felt those tears. I felt this emotion towards living in the struggle.

14. Happy and Broke!

I mean it’s not like living in Brokeland is a permanent state of being right?

15. The I get on the phone and talk about how Broke I am to my Broke ass friend who has Bougie ass dreams of no longer being Broke Black.

16. People say fast food restaurants are bad for you but a 4 for 4 from Wendys sure is a GREAT change from Ramen.

Media: GIPHY
17. When I have a student refund. I call my financial aid office like:I want my money and I need it now!

Media: GIPHY

18. I really like this person but, I’m embarrassed to move things further because I’m broke!

So what are you gonna about it? Because, I’m sure if that person rocks with you and you are working
to get your finances in order you can bounce back. Don't let being broke be an insecurity in your interest.

19. I’m broke and make bad relationship decisions!

Focus on yourself baby, focus on yourself...

Media: GIPHY

20. I'm struggle meal Chef-Broke-Ar-Dee.

I bet your ass NEVER had gourmet pork served in a bean stew with rice.  

21. I’m the penny pincher! Not one cent leaves my pocket without me knowing where it goes.

Media: GIPHY

22. I read a lot of self help books and inspirational sh*t to help me through my broke days.

Media: GIPHY
24. As soon as I get paid...I’m BROKE.

2 AM Payday Morning:

Media: GIPHY


6 PM Payday Evening

Media: GIPHY

25. I like to do online shopping. It’s the type of online shopping that requires me to put sh*t in the cart and let it sit there. #ICANONLYDREAM

26. I want to protest fast fashion retailers like Forever 21 but, it’s the only sh*t I can afford. 👀👀👀 I’m going to deal with your kind later, but in the meantime check out this link.

27. I ball during tax season when I really should be saving!

I ain’t neva had sh*t and I WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY! SO HARD FOR MY MONEY!  

Media: GIPHY

28. I’m the type of Broke Black in church they pay me.

Can you make broke turn into mulaaaaaa like Jesus turned water into whine? *Asking for a friend...

Media: GIPHY

29.  I warn people about being broke so that they don’t make the same mistakes I did.
However, I’m still broke. #REACHONETEACHONE

30. The corner store is my BEST FRIEND.

Meals under 10 bucks are a lifesaver, especially the hood sandwiches. For those who don’t know hood sandwiches
are SUBMARINES SANDWICHES like cold turkey subs served with your favorite chips and an Arizona Tea.
It's a $5.00 deal!

Did I miss something? Sound off in the comments below!